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Sponsorship is key to how we operate. Finding the right partners with the same outlook is really important as our sponsors are not just sponsors, they are part of who we are. Sponsorship options include:


  • Sponsorship of the cafe
  • Sponsorship of a one off event
  • Sponsorship of multiple events
  • Support sponsorship of venue (can include events)


Reasons to sponsor Yellowave include:


  • Yellowave is a healthy, positive living brand
  • Strong branding and image rights options
  • Excellent media profile
  • Huge events potential for customer engagement 
  • Opportunity to have sales presence/product placement 


If you are interested in talking to us about sponsoring the venue, team or an event then don't hesitate to give us a call (T: 01273 672222) or drop us an email (info@yellowave.co.uk).

Previous event sponsors have included: British Airways, Barefoot Wine, FatBoy, Nivea Sun, Corona, Lamisil Once. See some example pictures of events at bottom of page.



NIVEA SUN were title sponsor at Yellowave for 5 years.

“Having worked with Yellowave for a number of years, I can honestly say that the team were especially professional to work with and passionate in their approach. NIVEA SUN was lead sponsor for Yellowave for over 3 years and in addition to frequent brand exposure, the excellent facilities at Yellowave were available for team building and customer entertainment purposes. The team at Yellowave were very much ambassadors for the brand, showcasing the branding and products wherever possible. This not only included local and regional coverage but also national coverage including TV exposure.”

- Richard Duplock, Brand Manager – NIVEA SUN

Barefoot Wine Footvolley Event 

Held annually 2008-2011

Fatboy Beach Volleyball Event

August 2012

Nivea Sun Events

Juniors, VEBT (National Competition), Ulitmate Frisbee

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