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About Us

Yellowave Beach Sports Venue opened in March 2007. It was set up by Katie Mintram, her husband Spencer Mintram and her dad Alan Randall. As a beach volleyball player Katie was determined to re-create the beach lifestyle she'd experienced after living in Huntington Beach, California and Manly Beach, Australia. Katie, Spencer and Alan set up Yellowave Ltd in 2002. It took 5 years to develop from the first meeting to opening the doors in 2007. It's the first centre of its kind in the UK with a dedicated team passionate about beach volleyball and sand based sports.

Alan passed away suddenly at his home on Wednesday 10th October, 2012. He was 66 years old. His death came as a huge shock to everyone at Yellowave and particularly for his daughter Katie and her husband Spencer. He is greatly missed!

The Team

Loves beach volleyball, surfing, skiiing & Man Utd
Spencer Mintram - Director & Venue Manager
Loves beach volleyball, surfing, skiing & the great outdoors
Katie Mintram - Director, Sponsorship & Planning
Alan died unexpectedly in October 2012. He was a huge influence at Yellowave and everyone misses him immensely.
Alan Randall - Director 1946-2012
Loves adventures, hiking & beach volleyball
Ian Randall - Director, Strategy & Planning
Loves beach volleyball, snowboarding, top tunes, sausage & mash
Damion Sulc - Assistant Venue Manager
Loves travelling, beach volleyball & cooking
Elly Trimingham - Catering manager, Marketing & Events
Daisy Mumby - Sports Assistant & Team Member
Nerea Sanz - Cafe Supervisor & Team Leader
Loves Southampton FC and beach volleyball
Mitchell - Cafe Supervisor
Loves snowboarding, art & beach volleyball
Kathryn - Cafe Supervisor
Loves beach volleyball, snowboarding & photography
Jake - Cafe & Sport Team Member
Loves hot chocolate and De La Soul
Alex - Cafe Team Member
Loves Art, Music Festivals & Cooking
Lois - Cafe Team Member
Loves beach volleyball & cycling
Mike - Team Member & BBQ King

Our Philosophy

The Yellowave philosophy is reflected in everything we do. We bring the surf culture to sand, offering an alternative active beach lifestyle. We believe our actions should have an onward positive effect.

Respecting others and respecting the environment is key to how we operate. Yellowave is all about getting out there and having a go – getting sandy and having fun. We create a total beach sports experience, open to all, that we hope you wish to try.

Our Charities

Passing It On

We are proud to support local charity 'Passing It On'. The charity (Registered No: 1112250) is run by ex Yellowave staff member Jimmy McDonald and Yellowave pal, Matt Lambert. 'Passing It On' has one aim, and it's simple: they raise money to build schools and support education in some of the poorest areas of Africa.

They began with one project in Kenya, and are about to begin a second in Ghana. To do these projects they need money, and although they know that the projects are worthwhile they also know that it's unlikely that people will just give cash to them. So to raise money they organise events that are fun to take part in and fun to watch. Our aim is to help them where and when we can by running charity beach sports events to raise cash and help more projects in Africa.

For more info please visit www.passingiton.org.uk


Yellowave has sent out a mixture of new and used volleyball equipment to a tribal village in India as part of the Youthivate project. Youthivate have not only joined forces with Yellowave but also Cricket Without Boundaries, and the RFU to help gather new & second-hand sports equipment from local Sussex clubs to take out to areas of severe poverty in Tamil Nadu, Southern India, at the Centre for Tribal & Rural Development. The equipment is sent out for free via another support partner, myparceldelivery.com 

The children & young people who live in the local villages enjoy watching sports, however they have no resources to play themselves. Youthivate works at a local level to directly engage with the poor, with the aim of increasing sport participation opportunities to improve the health and well-being of the children & young people.

By setting up and running a variety of sports sessions within the villages, they will create opportunities for young people to become sports leaders and organise tournaments and festivals for children. The overall objective is to create a sustainable model for improving participation and health opportunities.

For more info please visit http://youthivate.wordpress.com/

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